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Tracy & Edmund’s wedding

I always enjoy capturing traditional or cultural ceremonies as they are full of color and wonderful expressions, and Tracy and Edmund are the second couple in a row that have included a tea ceremony in their wedding day. They are such a kind and friendly couple and this was just one of the many reasons I was looking forward to photographing them.

Once this special time was complete everybody grabbed some lunch and then it was off the the Wesley Hall at the U of W. This was my first time photographing at this location and it was absolutely perfect for their wedding ceremony. This also gave me the opportunity to be creative in a new spot that I’ve never even considered before. We walked around the campus and made the most of everything around us. My favorite images came from vine-covered walkway that one of the groomsmen actually pointed out to me. Thanks! :)

We were a little tight on time after all the family pictures so I was glad all our locations were close together. We made a very quick stop at the Leg and then it was off to the Concert Hall. This spot has become a new favourite of mine; it has some beautifully bright colours and its always nice to get in an air-conditioned building during a hot day. :) Our last indoor stop was at the Hamilton Building where I had a lot of fun. I normally leave the wide angle lens in my bag but for some reason I decided to pull it out. It allowed me to find some really cool perspectives and capture some new angles on some shots that I typically do at this location.

On our way to Kum Kon Gardens we took 10min to get some quick shots in Chinatown. Kum Kon Gardens is very popular for Chinese weddings since it serves very traditional Chinese food. Tracy and Edmund served their guests a 12 course meal, yep thats right 12 courses! That just shows how kind and generous these guys are. I think most people were full after the first eight courses but everyone kept eating because it was so good! :) During dinner Tracy requested a slide show from the day, so I worked hard to get some images ready and everyone at the reception was then able to share in all the events of the day. It was a pleasure to be able to do this for them.

Thanks for such a wonderful day!


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