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Catherine & Klaus’s engagement/family session

It’s always nice to photograph a couple in a location that’s meaningful to them. Catherine and Klaus live out in Headingly, and Klaus is the head chef out at Breezy Bend, so it was a natural-fit to do their engagement session out there as well. They really wanted to include Klaus’s son in the session too, so it was half engagement session and half family session :) I think it’s awesome to involve him in their special moment… it represents not only coming together as a couple, but as a family.

Catherine had seen a few other engagement session that I had done using my vintage couch, so I loaded it up and headed out for the session. We found this little side road to a farmer’s field that was a perfect backdrop for the couch and session. Like most couples, Klaus and Catherine were not entirely sure about how the session would go and what to do while being photographed, but with a little direction they picked it up and were comfortable in front of the camera in no time.

Before we originally met, they had a picture in their mind of sitting on a blanket in a canola field drinking champagne, so that what we did! I’m happy to oblige when a couple knows what they want. Catherine had scouted out the perfect field so that was our second stop. We caught the canola at the exact right time, as it was in full bloom. Check out the expressions on everyones’ faces when Klaus pops the cork on the champagne! What a fun moment to capture.

Our last stop was to pick up the pup and head to a nearby barn. Somehow I managed to get everyone and the dog looking at me at the same time and got a wonderful family portrait. Love it!

I had a wonderful time and I’m so happy with the variety of images and how great you guys look!

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