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Celia & Owen’s wedding

As soon as we finished up Celia & Owen’s engagement session, I knew we would get some amazing images on their wedding day. What I didn’t know was that those images would involve rain. :) Celia looked stunning and she wasn’t about to let a little rain “dampen” her day. Right from the get go she was upbeat and excited for her big day. She had such a positive attitude and even when she was getting ready and her bracelet broke, she picked it up with a smile on her face and went about finding a way to fix it.

Celia’s dress was beautiful and elegant. She had a tough time finding anything locally that suited her style, so she ended up finding her dress at J.Crew. She also let the bridesmaids select their own dress style and had each one custom made; what a cool idea and they all looked amazing!

With the rain beating down we decided to venture downtown. I took the guys to a parking garage and then headed off with Celia, Owen and an umbrella into the heart of the Exchange District. I love the shots of them kissing under the umbrella. Then we took the bridge over to St. Boniface and captured some stunning images of the girls on the porch of the Bishop’s mansion. The rain really picked up and I got soaked but I was able to get an image of all the girls walking huddled under their umbrellas; love it! You have to improvise a little when the weather’s not cooperating.

The last location was the Legislature. The look and feel of the building matched Celia and Owen’s wedding perfectly and the tall limestone pillars were a perfect backdrop for some romantic images. Inside we took a few group shots and then let loose with the girls running down the hallways.

The day ended off with heading to the Fort Garry Hotel for their reception. The room looked spectacular! They (ie. Celia) had obviously put a lot of thought into the evening and I loved the feel of the room. Their beautiful cake was courtesy of Cakeology. Another personal touch: each table had a card for a particular anniversary year. Their guests wrote words of wisdom, encouragement or whatever message of love and support they wanted and these cards won’t be opened until that future anniversary.

I had a wonderful time! I really enjoyed spending the day with the wedding party; they were so kind and friendly and it makes everything so much easier when everyone is on board and having fun. They guys were even willing to do some security duty during part of the day. :)

Thanks and enjoy!


Most brides fear the kind of weather we had on Saturday, but I think Celia & Owen’s images show that no matter what the weather you can have some great memories from the day and some fantastic images that will truly be one of a kind :)

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