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Miranda & Derek’s wedding

After shooting Miranda & Derek’s e.Session a little while ago I was really excited to do their wedding. They were so great to work with and their images turned out amazingly. The big day came a few weeks ago and everything was really beautiful.

Something that I really noticed while editing down their images after the wedding were some of the really special moments throughout the day. I was able to capture these with my camera and I’ve grouped some of the images together so they can tell a story really clearly.
I love the moment when the groom sees the bride for the first time. The expression on his face is priceless and tells of so much love. Derek was no exception. They met at a park nearby Miranda’s parents’ house. In fact, they walked through this park at the end of their first date, so it was pretty special to start the day out here.

Derek’s mother, Linda, passed away while he was still pretty young and Miranda never got a chance to meet her. However, one of the most beautiful moments of the day was when Derek gave Miranda her gift… some of his mom’s bracelets and his grandmother’s wedding ring. He had gone through Linda’s jewelry to find exactly what he was looking for and there wasn’t a dry eye among any of us when he gave the gift to his bride.
Miranda really wanted to pay tribute to Linda and her aunt, who also passed away due to cancer. Both women had a special presence during the day as their photos were woven into Miranda’s bouquet.

After seeing each other for the first time, Miranda & Derek met up with the wedding party, everyone piling into the limo bus to head to the Forks. These guys had a big wedding party so they definitely needed a bus to fit everybody in!

I always love photographing at the Bishop’s Mansion in St. Boniface. Miranda appreciates the more natural, rural kind of feel to images so this was a pretty great spot to bring them. Afterwards we headed to 529 Wellington for some indoor shots, which was a welcome reprieve from the humidity! I had never done a shoot there and the staff were so accommodating.

Their ceremony was held at the Gates and since Miranda is such an animal lover, she really wanted some shots with the horses. Well, this horse ended up getting a little closer than we expected. Apparently Miranda’s bouquet smelled pretty tasty!

Derek had seen some images where the wedding party was in motion and the bride and groom were still and in focus, and he really wanted to try something like that out. The light was really beautiful at the end of the day and I think we were pretty successful in capturing what he envisioned!

While going through the images, this set really made me laugh. I guess the competitive athlete in Derek just couldn’t let the others beat him to the finish line. Poor Miranda got left in the dust! It was a pretty fun time with the wedding party capturing these shots.

And finally to end the day, some simple and beautiful portraits of Derek and Miranda. I love playing around with light and was really pleased with how these turned out.

Meagan and I had an awesome time with you guys. Thanks for a wonderful day full of special moments!


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