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Gluten-Free Ravioli!

Our little guy has been pretty sick over the last while so Meagan and I haven’t really had the chance to go out together too much. On Saturday night we decided to have a date night at home instead, no babysitters needed.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease a few years ago and most of the time I manage pretty well with my diet. We always made a lot of stuff from scratch anyways, so it wasn’t too hard to adjust our way of eating to avoid the dreaded gluten. However, there are always a few things that I really crave… an amazing burger, a really great pizza, going out for some tasty pasta. Well, we took the plunge on Saturday night and decided to try making some gluten free ravioli, stuffed with portobello mushrooms. Mmmmmm!

At first it seemed a little daunting but the process didn’t end up being as long as I thought it would be. They weren’t the prettiest looking ravioli but they’re the best I’ve had in a long time! I think they turned out quite well in the end and I think we’re going to try something like that again. Take a look!

I had to add this one at the end because it’s just so cute. Aaron’s into making funny faces for the camera nowadays. He stayed up while we made the ravioli but he went to bed before our dinner… as much as we love him, we were ready for some peace and quiet for our stay-at-home date night. :)

The Buller Blogs - Wow!! Looks amazing!!

Betsy - Impressive! Nice work team.

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