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Touring Ireland – Part 2

It has taken me a while to get this next section of images up as it seems like we have been traveling non-stop, seeing as much as we can. The Cliffs of Moher were amazing to see. If you look real close you can actually see people on top of the cliffs; that should give you come perspective on how big they actually are. You used to be able to go right up to the edge and Meagan actually has a photo of a younger her peeking over the edge of the cliff, but unfortunitly due to common sense they do not let you do this anymore.
The next set of images were taken at a well. This is where people would bring pictures, momentos anything really from loved ones that had passed away. You can’t really tell from these images but it was actually pretty dark, damp and a little eerie.
The last few images are from Bunratty Castle. This was really cool to see a fully restored castle, dungeon and all. I always pictured castles as this grand place and an amazing location to live, that view point has now changed and I am very grateful I do not have to live in a castle! It was still really cool to see but it was not built for a person of my height.

There are still plenty to come so enjoy!


Jon Courtney - Jeremy….these are so great! I’m loving seeing them. I feel like I am reliving my time in Ireland…its awesome eh. Really great shots….you are capturing it very well. I’d love to see some people shots too! With the pictures of the cliffs of Moher….if you look down to the end you see a small and old castle or buidling. My wife and and drove down a gravel road…parked in some farmers field…climbed over the fence and through a herd of cows to get to that spot instead of taking the hike from where you were….there was no one else there and the cliffs were unhindered! That was one of our favorite experiences.

Enjoy your travels! Keep posting shots…I’m loving it.

Jon Courtney

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